HMG Summit Pack addendum

Spanish Peaks and HMG Summit Pack

Myself & HMG Summit Pack in the Spanish Peaks late 2012

Here’s some additional thoughts on the Hyperlite Mountain Gear Summit Pack (initially overviewed here nearly a year ago). The carry needed some help and to that, I gave it. A bit of seam ripping, resewing, and some Seam Grip – now the pack carries much better and is all the more practical as a sub-27 liter, do-it-most, all season pack.  It’s great for everything from winter ice cragging to summer overnights, and ski tours to rock climbing. Before the modification, the pack carried ok for weights around 5 pounds. But for anything much more, the pack just didn’t distribute the weight sufficiently. So to the cutting board it went and out came a fairly decent modification.

Overnight with my revised pack, Fall 2012

Overnight with my revised pack, Fall 2012

This little cuben pack from HMG had nearly everything you could need in a sub 10oz package except for its carrying comfort. So I went at it – and came up with a fairly easy fix to a fairly large dilemma. The original design pulled at the one center point of shoulder attachment and thus, pulled inward one’s shoulders unnecessarily after extended use.

Back view from HMG website

2012 single point shoulder strap attachment, Summit Pack back view from HMG website

This caused an awkward carry at the least, and a sore upper neck/back at the worst. So with some ingenuity and some thread, the shoulder straps got chopped in the middle, reattached at horizontal with ~2.5″ of distance between them, and seam gripped with the addition of a haul loop. This mod now allows for an equal dispersion of pull/weight from the shoulders and therefore for a comfortable carry. I also added a hydration port with an exacto blade and some tenacious tape to complete the mod. Super simple, yet super functional and practical.

My modified Summit with revised shoulder strap attachment, haul loop, and hydration port

My modified Summit with revised shoulder strap attachment, haul loop, and hydration port

As I was revising this post today, I actually received a new version of the Summit Pack in the mail from HMG. No joke! It’s very similar to my modified version pictured above. This latest version has shoulder straps have been adjusted and they seem to be much more comfortable when compared to the initial pack. With a quick once-over, I’m very happy with the new iteration in terms of fit, a more comfortable carry, and a clean aesthetic finish. So, until I can get some miles with it, here’s a couple pics to show you the latest HMG Summit Pack prototype:

2013 Summit Pack revision

2013 HMG Summit Pack revision

Newly revised 2013 Summit Pack back and shoulder view

Newly revised 2013 HMG Summit Pack back and shoulder view

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