Out with the Old

My sincerest apologies to all who have been following my exploits…the blog is temporarily back!  Caveat emptor!  No promises regarding the duration; as you know life gets in the way – for better and/or for worse. SprWinter seems to have dispersed here in Montanada and the hills have recently relinquished ‘normal’ hiking accessibility.

Let me get you caught up on the prior months with a photo or two:

"Feeding the Cat", Hyalite Canyon, WI3+ (Jan.2011)

SW ridge via Sypes Canyon, Baldy Mtn., Bridger Range (Feb.2011)

Lamar Valley, Yellowstone, WY (Mar.2011)

Arches N.P., UT (Apr.2011)

Paintbrush bloom, Arches N.P., UT (Apr.2011)

Black Canyon of the Yellowstone, WY (May.2011)

Yellowstone River Trail, WY (May.2011)

Grand Teton & Co., WY (Jun.2011)

'Griz indifference' G.T.N.P., WY (Jun.2011)

Exciting times in, and in between these pics. Camp evacuation/night hiking due to audacious griz, sketchy ice/alpine leads, wildflower blooms in the high meadows and deserts, packs of wolves close and afar, idyllic North American Serengeti, gorgeous Montana trout, icy creek/river crossings, lodgepole pine offtrail steeplechase, peaks and valleys, neck deep snow, family and friends…

More than memory serves. But here’s to now.


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    Janice Blum August 2, 2011

    Glad to see you back! Beautiful as ever. More! More! More! Hope to see you in September.

    • Reply
      nicktruax August 2, 2011

      Good to be back! Truly looking forward to seeing you and big D if you can muster up the time.

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